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Hostess Service on the Rebel (editor's title)

Interior of Rebel's observation car
Publicity photo showing passengers relaxing and enjoying train hostess service provided by Janice Elrod (standing in rear) in the round-end observation car "Ole Man River" on the Rebel passenger train of the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad. The GM&N was one of the first railroads to introduce train hostess service. The Rebel was a lightweight, diesel streamliner that first ran between New Orleans and Jackson, Tennesee, beginning in 1935. This photograph promoted expanded service to St. Louis and Mobile. Note the all-white clientele and that the hostess is also white. By contrast, many northern railroads had been using African Americans in service positions for many years by the 1930s. For an exterior view and more on the Rebel, see record 1175. This photo first appeared on Page 5 of "The Rebel Route News" Volume XXL, Aptil 15, 1942 issue number 4. It was later used in "More Classic Trains" by Arthur Dubin, published by Kalmbach in 1974.
Source Lake Forest College Special Collections
Coverage Spatial, between New Orleans and Jackson, Tennessee; Temporal, 1935
Rights Lake Forest College
Date Created 1935
Resource Type
Extent not available
Depicted Railroad
Equipment: Cars Observation Car
Builder, Cars American Car & Foundry
Creator Description Berney M. Sheridan left a newspaper editing job in Mobile, Alabama to join the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad in March 1932. He was appointed editor of the GM&N News in 1934 and was later appointed Publicity Director GM&O in September 1940. During the 1940s, a new editor was appointed to The Rebel Route News, reporting directly to Smith. In November 1952, Smith was appointed Assistant Vice President-Public Relations. He retired on March 23, 1973, from the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad after 41 years of service. (The Illinois Central and the GM&O merged in 1972 to become the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad.)
Comments No photo credit was provided; however the people in the photo are GM&N employees and the photo was most likely taken by Berney Sheridan.
Collection Arthur Dubin Collection
Train Name New Orleans Rebel
Where Published *More Classic Trains,* by Arthur Dubin, p207. Kalmbach, 1974
Image ID Dubin.I.18.11
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