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21: Trains Associated with Global Events (editor's title)

Churchill and Truman at Washington, D.C., Union Station
The world over, government leaders took trains to gatherings of historic significance. In 1946, Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, visited the U.S. to receive an honorary degree from Westminister College in Fulton, Missosuri, U.S. President Harry S. Truman's home state. Churchill (left) and Truman wave from the back of a special Baltimore & Ohio train leaving Washington, D.C., Union Station for Missouri. Churchill gives his famous "V-for-victory" salute, which he popularized during World War II. The departure from Union Station marked the first episode in Churchill's important post-World War II visit to the U.S., whose most memorable outcome was his coining of the phrase "Iron Curtain," uttered in his acceptance remarks at Westminister College. This was a defining remark of the Cold War. Shots of open-platform appearances were standard journalistic fare when trains were the standard way for presidents and celebrities to travel, the predecessor of today's airport pictures of celebrities from Washington, D.C.

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Alternate Title Railroad History in a Nutshell
Source Lake Forest College Library Special Collections
Coverage Spatial, Washington, D.C.; Temporal, March 4, 1946
Rights Lake Forest College
Date Created 1946-03-04
Resource Type
Extent 8 in. x 10 in.
Depicted Railroad
Location Washington, D.C., Union Station
Image Type Open-platform action shot
Train Type Presidential train
Equipment: Cars Observation Car
Builder, locomotive Pullman
Creator Description Acme Newspictures was a photo news service of the era. Baltimore & Ohio distributed the photo.
Collection Arthur Dubin Collection
Image ID Dubin.I.7.133
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