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Union Pacific Freight East of Cheyenne (editor's title)

Union Pacific freight East of Cheyenne
An extremely long freight train and track bisect a horizontal image with cloudy sky above, grassy prairie below, and a set of farm buildings almost dead center. The locomotive emits a lengthy smoke plume that stretches nearly half the length of the image. The farmstead consists of a tight cluster of five larger buildings and several smaller ones, all painted white. A pump frame stands in the center foreground. Prairie plants bloom in the immediate foreground, and at the far left a highway overpass crosses the tracks.

A. C. Kalmbach, better known as a publisher of railroad literature, also excelled at photography. Few images capture trains of this length in a horizontal perspective.

Railroading, agriculture, landscape, and the high western sky combine in this extremely satisfying picture. Because of the immensity of the composition, details are small, put into the scale of the vast American west. A landscape specialist might find much to study in the immediate foreground.
Source Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Coverage Spatial, near Cheyenne, Wyoming; Temporal, August 1949
Rights Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Date Created 1949
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Location East of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Image Type Railroad in landscape
Train Type Freight train
Creator Description When he graduated from college in 1932, Kalmbach expected to work on the Pennsylvania Railroad electrification. Instead, he started a job printing company and founded "Model Railroader" and "Trains." As a corporate executive, he kept a Leica at his side.
Comments The David P. Morgan Memorial Library is the editorial library for magazines published by Kalmbach. Although the collection includes material covering non-railroad subjects, the majority of material is related to railroading, including a broad collection of books, visual artifacts, and approximately 100,000 black-and-white photographs. The library is not open to the public
in the usual sense, but the collection is available for some types of research, especially if it involves Kalmbach publications. The principal contact is Kevin P. Keefe, publisher. E-mail: kkeefe@kalmbach.com
Collection David P. Morgan Memorial Library
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