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Diesel Repair Shop (editor's title)

Diesel House Milwaukee
Locomotive 97C in the new addition to the Milwaukee Road diesel house at the West Milwaukee Shops in Milwaukee. Two men stand on either side of the locomotive. It seems like a caged lion, whose keepers have just opened the door to let it loose. It is too easy to anthropomorphize locomotives, likening them to huge beasts, but this picture encourages such expressions. This locomotive began life years before as a passenger unit that was placed into freight service in the 1970s, along with eight E9s and some other FP7s. They had served trains 99 and 98 between Bensenville, Illlnois, and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The shops were in the Menomonee River Valley in Milwaukee, for more than a century a bustling industrial area. The diesel shop, seen here, was built in 1952 using steel moved from Minneapolis. By 2007, many industrial and railroading facilities including this shop had been razed.
Source Tom Farence
Coverage Spatial, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; temporal, 1974
Rights Tom Farence
Date Created 1974
Resource Type
Extent 35 mm
Depicted Railroad
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Image Type Locomotive in a railroad shop
Equipment, Locomotive Milw 97C, FP7
Builder, locomotive Electro-Motive Division, General Motors
Creator Description Tom Farence went to work for the Milwaukee Road in 1966. He continued his railroad career on the Canadian Pacific, I&M RailLink, and Iowa, Chicago & Eastern until retiring on disability in 2005. The photos here were taken while he was in engine service between Milwaukee and Portage, Wisconsin, through 1986.
Collection Tom Farence Collection
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