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Sante Fe train at Morley, Colorado (editor's title)

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Three track main line
A mainline train on the Santa Fe in Raton Pass on the Colorado side of the Colorado-New Mexico border. The cone-shaped pile in the background is the slack pile from making coke, derived from coal. The freight is climbing a mountain grade. The three-track main is flanked by a mountain on the right, poles and wires on the left.

Because of their interest in the Super Chief, Beebe and Clegg photographed Santa Fe trains at Raton Pass, a long route that began in the coal district of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Some of the coal from the district was heated to remove gases, producing coke, which was used in industrial processes because it burns with intense heat and little smoke.

Again, Clegg has captured a large plume of smoke, this one rising vertically on the right side of the image, balanced the left by the four crossbars and wires of the railroad's utility lines. They fill the upper half of the picture: the middle third is the sky, comparatively uninterrupted. The lower third contains landscape and the train. The tracks curve enticingly, taking the viewer from the lower right into the center of the picture, suggesting that what lies behind the train in the middle distance is of great import.
Source California State Railroad Museum
Coverage Spatial, Morley, Colorado; Temporal, c. 1945
Rights California State Railroad Museum
Date Created c1945
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Morley, Colorado
Image Type Train in landscape
Train Type Freight train
Equipment, Locomotive 2-8-2 Mikado no. 3214
Builder, locomotive Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1919-20
Creator Description Charles M. Clegg, Jr. (1916-79), an author, photographer, and railroad historian, is yoked with Lucius M. Beebe, his lifelong companion with whom he collorabored on 17 railroad books. Like Beebe, he came from an old American family. He is known to have taken photography classes at the Brooklyn YMCA with famous photographer J. Ghislain Lootens. Clegg's work showed a technical proficiency sometimes lacking in Beebe's photographs. With Beebe, he revived the "Territorial Enterprise" in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1950. He and Beebe sold the paper in 1961 and purchased a second home near San Francisco.
Comments Two photos by Clegg of the Santa Fe in Raton Pass appear on pages 184 and 190 of "Highball: Pageant of Trains" (1945).
Collection Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg Collection
Image ID Negative BC-1629
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