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Harp Switch Stand and Siding (editor's title)

A harp switch stand, no longer connected to a switch, appears at Grady, Colorado, in March 1953, a short time before the RGS tracks were taken up. The harp stand, commonly used during the 19th century in conjunction with a stub switch, would have been gone on most railroads by the time this photo was taken. A heavily cropped version of the photo appears on page 538 of Mallory H. Ferrell's Silver San Juan (1973). Ferrell used five photos by Springer in this book.
Source Fred Springer Collection
Coverage Spatial, Dallas Divide, Colorado; Temporal, March 1953
Rights Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Date Created 1953-03
Resource Type
Extent 2-1/4 in. by 3-1/4 in.
Depicted Railroad
Location Grady, Colorado
Creator Description Fred Springer grew up in Houston, Texas, graduated in engineering from Missouri School of Mines in Rolla, Missouri, and worked for Mobil Oil Corporation and subsidiary companies. His rail photographs from the early 1940's until 1963 were largely Texas and the Southwest U.S. including New Mexico and Colorado. He had three tours of duty in the New York City headquarters, 1963-67, 1968-76, and 1983-85, at which time he retired and moved back to Texas. After retirement he and his wife, Dale, traveling the world by train, visiting almost every country in South America and Europe plus South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Syria, Australia, and New Zealand . When he lived in Texas he made many trips to Mexico when steam was still alive in the 1960's and 70's.
Collection Fred Springer Collection
Where Published Mallory H. Ferrell. Silver San Juan: the Rio Grande Southern (1973), p. 538.
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