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Locomotive 4501 Negotiates Loops in North Carolina (editor's title)

Steam locomotive 4501 negotiates loops in North Carolina
In mist and rain, steam locomotive 4501 moves around loops and heads down the east slope of the Blue Ridge toward Old Fort, North Carolina. A few minutes earlier, the locomotive and train had been on the tracks in the foreground. This was day eight of a nine-day excursion trip from Chattanooga to Louisville, Kentucky, and Richmond, Virginia.
Alternate Title Locomotives 4501 and 630: 15
Source John Gruber Collection
Coverage Spatial, near Old Fort, North Carolina; Temporal, August 25, 1966
Rights John Gruber
Date Created 1966-08-25
Resource Type
Depicted Railroad
Location Near Old Fort, North Carolina
Equipment, Locomotive No. 4501, Mikado
Builder, locomotive Baldwin Locomotive Works, October 1911
Creator Description John Gruber is a founder of the Center for Railroad Photography & Art and editor of its journal, Railroad Heritage. He has been a free-lance railroad photographer since 1960. He received awards from the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in 1994 for lifetime achievement in photography and in 2010 for an article. He is author of Classic Steam: Timeless Photographs of North America Steam Railroading (2009) and co-author of four books. He photographed both the 1966 and 2011 events.
Collection John Gruber Collection
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