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Adaptively Reused Freight Station in Corvallis, Oregon (editorís title)

Former Southern Pacific freight station on 6th Street in Corvallis, Oregon
Former Southern Pacific Railway Express Agency (REA) building (at right) adaptively reused as an office of the city engineer in Corvallis, Oregon. The tracks in the foreground are currently operated by the Portland & Western Railroad, but from 1917 to 1929 they carried the "Red Electrics" of the Southern Pacific's interurban passenger system, which provided several daily roundtrips between Corvallis and Portland via the "Westside" line, which runs along the western edge of the Willamette Valley. The REA provided shipping services for parcels and less-than-carload-lot (LCL) freight, typically carried in passenger trains, a precursor to today's Fedex and UPS services. Due to the Great Depression and the advent of better roads in the region, all rail passenger, mail, and express service to Corvallis ended in 1933. The City of Corvallis purchased the passenger station and the REA building in 1956. The passenger station (which once stood to the left of the REA building) was sold and moved to a new location in 1982, but the REA building remains.
Source Scott Lothes, Corvallis, Oregon
Coverage Spatial, Corvallis, Oregon; Temporal, June 23, 2010
Rights Scott Lothes
Date Created 2010-06-23
Resource Type
Extent 12.8 megapixel RAW file
Depicted Railroad
Location Corvallis, Oregon
Creator Description Scott Lothes grew up in West Virginia and Ohio, and has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He worked for three years as the assistant editor of an engineering magazine, and then spent two years living, traveling, and teaching English in Asia. He won the 2003 Trains magazine photography contest and was co-winner of the Center's 2006 Creative Photography Award. Lothes has been studying railroads in literature for several years, and hopes to continue those studies in graduate school.
Collection Scott Lothes Collection
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