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Getting Off the Train in 1952 at Deshler, Ohio (editor's title)

Station platform at Deshler, Ohio
Station platform scenes like this one were commonplace in the 1950s. What distinguishes this image in the presence of an elegantly attired African-American couple at the right carrying their own luggage, while the woman fixes her gaze on the baggage handler pushing a cart of what appears to be a mixture of luggage. Was she envious? Did she wish she and her husband did not have to trek down the platform with their bags? Meanwhile in this mini-drama the man at the left, a railroad worker, fixes his gaze on Wally Abbey, with a look a consternation about what he is up to. What could be so interesting about this everyday occurrence? Doesn't Abbey want a picture of only the mainline train, the Chicago-Pittsburgh-Washington Express? Shouldn't railroad photographers wait until the people have vanished from view? In 1952, most railroad photographers would have done just that, depriving us of this slice of life and history.
Source Wallace W. Abbey Collection
Coverage Spatial, Deshler, Ohio; Temporal, September 22, 1952
Rights Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Date Created 1952-09-22
Resource Type
Depicted Railroad
Location Deshler, Ohio
Creator Description Wallace W. “Wally” Abbey's interest in photographing railroads started at Cherryvale, Kansas, where he visited his grandparents during World War II. He kept his camera with him as a journalism student at the University of Kansas, associate editor at Trains, and through a succession of progressively more responsible jobs in the railroad industry. This resulted in the award for lifetime achievement in photography from the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in 2003. A multi-talented person, he also is known for originating the Soo Line’s red-and-light-grey color scheme of 1962.
Collection Abbey Collection: preservation supported by Trains Magazine
Image ID 00250
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