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McCloud River Railroad Track Worker (editor's title)

McCloud Railway track worker Leonard Moab removing a tie using tie tongs.
McCloud Railway track worker Leonard Moab using tie tongs to remove a tie from the railroad's Lookout Line, which extended from Lookout Junction to Hambone, California. The photo illustrates how maintenance of way (MOW) workers remove ties manually. After digging out the ballast from each end of the tie, the rail is lifted slightly using jacks, then workers use tie tongs to pull out each tie. The workers in the background are replacing the ballast on the ties that have already been changed. The last revenue train ran over the Lookout Line in 2003, and it was scrapped in late 2005.
Source Travis Berryman, El Paso, Texas
Coverage Spatial, McCloud, California; Temporal, June 1994
Rights Travis Berryman
Date Created 1994
Resource Type
Extent 35mm
Depicted Railroad
Location McCloud, California
Depicted Occupation
Creator Description Travis Berryman was born in McCloud, California, and enjoyed a close relationship with his grandfather, Jim Berryman, a carman for the McCloud River Railroad. Travis hired out with the McCloud River in 1988 on the summer tie gang, a special work program set up by the railroad to help college students pay for their educations. He left McCloud in 1995 to pursue a career with the Burlington Northern, beginning in Alliance, Nebraska. Berryman worked across the BN and BNSF Railway systems as a switchman, brakeman, and engineer, before switching to management in 2004. He developed a serious interest in photography around 1992 as a means of documenting his family, workplace, and coworkers.
Collection Travis Berryman Collection
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