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Passengers and the Morning Hiawatha (editor's title)

Passengers and Morning Hiawatha
Couple saying goodbye on the platform at Glenview, Illinois, in front of the Milwaukee Road's Morning Hiawatha passenger train on January 17, 1971. Other passengers are in the process of boarding, with the assistance of the conductor, visible behind the woman at center. Note the wisp of steam of at lower left from the train's heating system. In 2008, this photo was selected as one of the "100 Greatest Railroad Photos" ever published in Trains magazine. The image conveys a strong sense of emotion, with the parting couple serving as a metaphor for the train itself, which ceased operation just a few months later with the creation of Amtrak on May 1.
Source George W. Hamlin, Fairfax, Virginia
Coverage Spatial, Glenview, Illinois; Temporal, January 17, 1971
Rights George W. Hamlin
Date Created 1971-01-17
Resource Type
Extent 8 in. x 12 in.
Depicted Railroad
Location Glenview, Illinois
Creator Description George Hamlin has been taking railroad photographs since 1956. Beginning with a Kodak "Brownie," he progressed to 35mm in 1964 with the acquisition of an Argus C-3 "Brick." Photographing primarily in black and white until 1970, George then switched to color and Nikon cameras, first with slides and now with digital. His work has been published in a number of rail-oriented periodicals and books, beginning with Trains magazine in 1963. He also has been photographing airliners since the late 1960s, and contributes to both the trade and hobby press in this field, as well. George lives in northern Virginia where he works as an aviation/transportation consultant.
Collection George W. Hamlin Collection
Train Name Morning Hiawatha
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