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Engineer's View of a Freight Train Passing a Private Passenger Train (editor's title)

P&W meet
Engineerís view of a freight train passing a special passenger train on the Portland & Western Railroad at Summit, Oregon on December 15, 2007. On the right is the eastward Toledo Hauler, the regular train on the line between Albany and Toledo, Oregon. At left is the passenger special, consisting of two locomotives and two privately-owned passenger cars, the Running Crane Lake and the Casper Mountain. A small but significant contingent of wealthy rail enthusiasts own private passenger cars, which they place on the rear of regular Amtrak passenger trains, or sometimes on special charter trains, as seen here. The carsí owner, a cardiac surgeon from Wyoming, is standing on the rear platform watching the Toledo Hauler. Other passengers include his wife, the carsí caretaker and his wife, the president of the P&W, and a P&W Road Foreman. The trainís operating crew, including the photographer, took great care to make a favorable impression on their guests. The night before the trip, the trainís conductor called the engineer three times to coordinate their apparel. During the trip, the passenger train encountered several delays, but the doctor used the opportunity to extend his hospitality to the train crew. Afterwards, he told the engineer that the ride had been smoother than Amtrak.
Source Louis Thelen, Shedd, Oregon
Coverage Spatial, Summit, Oregon; Temporal, December 15, 2007
Rights Louis Thelen
Date Created 2007-12-15
Resource Type
Extent 10.2 megapixel RAW file
Depicted Railroad
Location Summit, Oregon
Equipment, Locomotive GP39-2
Equipment: Cars Private passenger cars Running Crane Lake and Casper Mountain
Builder, locomotive Electro-Motive Division, General Motors Corporation
Creator Description Louis Thelen is a lifelong rail enthusiast and resident of Oregonís Willamette Valley. Born and raised in Salem, the state capital, he began as a child to take railroad photographs with a Kodak Brownie box camera, riding his bike to the Southern Pacific tracks at the state fairgrounds. In 1996, Thelen left the grocery business and began a second career working for the Portland & Western Railroad. He is currently the regular engineer on the Albany night yard job and says, ďI always carry my camera!Ē Louis lives in Shedd, Oregon, with his wife Vickie, six Border Collies, and a flock of chickens.
Collection Louis Thelen Collection
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