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Quinnimont yard shifter
Railroad yard at Quinnimont, West Virginia, in May 1975. A member of the yard crew is coming out of the yard office at QN Cabin, the building at right, while the two resident yard dogs, one with three legs, stand on the platform. Quinnimont Yard was a busy junction on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, serving the coalfields of southern West Virginia. The yard dispatched mine shifters (local trains) to a web of branchlines on both sides of the New River. The shifters traded empty coal cars for loaded ones at several mines, then returned to Quinnimont, where they were assembled into long, mainline trains. Coal railroading changed significantly in the years that followed. With the advent of flood-loading coal mines and unit trains, which run directly from a single mine to their destination, most small coal mines closed and the mine shifters that served them no longer run.
Alternate Title Yard Shifter (Local Train) in Quinnimont, West Virginia (editor's title)
Source Kevin Scanlon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Coverage Spatial, Quinnimont, West Virginia; Temporal, May 17, 1975
Rights Kevin Scanlon
Date Created 1975-05-17
Resource Type
Extent 35mm
Depicted Railroad
Location Quinnimont, West Virginia
Creator Description Kevin Scanlon was born in Pittsburgh and has spent the last 35 years documenting heavy industry and railroads across the country. He is drawn to subjects such as steel mills (both working and abandoned), the coalfields of southern West Virginia, and the American railway system, focusing primarily on railroads in Appalachia. His images capture an important historical era that spans the end of the twentieth century into the new millennium. Kevin Scanlonís photographs have been displayed at several art museums and galleries as well as appearing in various railroad-themed books and magazines, and on the covers of the literary journal Paper Street.
Collection Kevin Scanlon Collection
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