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Engineer's View of the Willamette Draw (editor's title)

P&W and Amtrak trains crossing Willamette Draw
View from the engineer’s seat of Portland & Western train #663 crossing the Willamette Draw in North Portland, Oregon, March 2008. The train runs daily from Vancouver, Washington, to Albany, Oregon. It is crossing the BNSF-owned bridge on track two, traveling west across the Willamette River. One of Amtrak’s Cascade-service trains is approaching on track one, bound for Seattle, Washington. The photographer's view from the locomotive allows a unique perspective looking through the tunnel-like geometry of the bridge trusses.
Alternate Title Railroaders' Photographs of Railroads
Source Louis Thelen, Shedd, Oregon
Coverage Spatial, North Portland, Oregon; Temporal, March 18, 2008
Rights Louis Thelen
Date Created 2008-03-18
Resource Type
Extent 10.2 megapixel RAW file
Depicted Railroad
Location North Portland, Oregon
Creator Description Louis Thelen is a lifelong rail enthusiast and resident of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Born and raised in Salem, the state capital, he began as a child to take railroad photographs with a Kodak Brownie box camera, riding his bike to the Southern Pacific tracks at the state fairgrounds. In 1996, Thelen left the grocery business and began a second career working for the Portland & Western Railroad. He is currently the regular engineer on the Albany night yard job and says, “I always carry my camera!” Louis lives in Shedd, Oregon, with his wife Vickie, six Border Collies, and a flock of chickens.
Collection Louis Thelen Collection
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