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2008 Flood Damage in Wisconsin (editor's title)

Damage to tracks in Wisconsin
Heavy, repeated rains in southern Wisconsin in the first half of June 2008 wrought heavy damage on homes, businesses, highways, and, notably, railroads. (Flooding washed out one highway and embankment that impounded a lake, Lake Delton, a tourist favorite; the lake vanished. It was a dozen miles north of this view. Nearby, Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society closed for the summer because of water damage.) Water's power to erode and find the shortest route downhill is demonstrated by this image of a washout on the south shore of Devil's Lake in Sauk County on the tracks of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad about a mile south of the railroad's crossing of South Lake Drive. Brian Baker, a W&S track worker, provides scale. The substantial gully formerly did not exist. The route was long operated by the Chicago & North Western. The photo apperared with a Wisconsin State Journal article of June 19, 2008. Heavy rains on June 10 closed the line and rains on June 12 caused more damage; it was closed from July 10 until the first train went through on July 12. In other locations, traffic was rerouted; see image 1802.
Alternate Title Railroaders' Photographs of Railroads
Source Stacy Hurda
Coverage Spatial, Devil's Lake, Wisconsin; Temporal, June 13, 2008
Rights Stacy Hurda
Date Created 2008-06-13
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Devil's Lake, Wisconsin
Creator Description Stacy Hurda, section foreman for the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad's Reedsburg Subdivision, started work for the W&S in 1998.
Collection Stacy Hurda Collection
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