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Train Crew with Union Bridge, Maryland, Local Freight (editor's title)

Train Crew with Union Bridge, Maryland, Local Freight
Norris R. Young of Hanover, Pennsylvania, worked for the Western Maryland as a locomotive fireman. As an enthusiast photographer, Norris was afforded opportunities to make images of railroading during the course of his work. In December 1948, he posed the crew of the local freight (train No. 303/304) that normally served customers on the railroad’s old mainline between Hagerstown and Union Bridge, Maryland. Norris is on the far left. The other members of the crew are identified as engineer G. A. Grogan, conductor W. J. B. Vinson, flagman E. K. Bikle, and brakeman H. A. Shunk. In steam days, before regular use of radios, local freights had five or more crew members. They made switching moves with hand signals, and so several men were needed to transmit signals, set switchpoints, and uncouple/couple freight cars. The locomotive is one of Western Maryland’s heavy 2-8-0 Consolidation types that were standard freight power on that railroad for decades.
Source Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Coverage Spatial, Flint, Maryland; Temporal, December 1948
Rights Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Date Created 1948-12
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Flint, Maryland
Equipment, Locomotive No. 761, class H7b: Built by Alco’s Schenectady Works, September 1912.
Creator Description Norris R. Young lived in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and worked for the Western Maryland as a locomotive fireman when he made the photograph. He put the camera on a tripod and included himself in the photo. He was on the WM for 11 years, then worked for a couple of different lines before retiring from the Maryland & Pennsylvania in York in 1986, after 38 years of railroad service. "I would carry a camera with me all the time, got pictures where you couldn’t get to between Hancock and Cumberland," he said.
Collection Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
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