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Glover Machine Works, Marietta, Georgia (editor's title)

Interior of the Glover Machine Works machine shop and erecting bay, 1904
Interior of the Marietta, Georgia, Glover Machine Works machine shop and erecting bay in 1904. A small engine suspended from a hoist appears in the center of the photograph; it is called "The Douglass" and lettered for the Alabama-Virginia Iron Co. The hoist operators appear in an operator's shed in the upper left corner,and men work on mounting a fairly large boiler to a frame on the lower right. Two men steady the engine, and all the works hold a pose for the long exposure time. The clerestory and full-sized windows provided sufficient light for the photograph at a time when electric lighting had not yet been introduced to some factories. The Glover company began with the purchase of the Phoenix Foundry in Marietta in 1888, and moved to a new 11-acre site south of Marietta in 1903 and remained there until the business closed in 1995. The Glovers realized that Southern lumber companies need timber-harvesting equipment, and built and repaired steam-powered equipment for those purposes, particularly log skidders. Small steam locomotives followed in 1902, and Glover continued building them until 1930. Surviving records indicate some 200 locomotives were built in as many 13 cylinder sizes and 8 track gauges. Several Glover units still exist in South and Central America. Three are on display, one in Marietta and two at the Southern Museum, Kennesaw. Another operational Glover engine is on private property in southern Ohio.
Source Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Archives and Library, Kennesaw, Georgia
Coverage Spatial, Marietta, Georgia; temporal, 1904
Rights Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Archives and Library
Date Created 1904
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Depicted Railroad
Location Marietta, Georgia
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Collection Archives of the Glover Machine Works
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