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V&T's Dayton Climbing a Nevada Grade (editor's title)

V&T's Dayton Climbing a Nevada Grade
This image of the locomotive Dayton climbing the grade with a freight train to Lakeview from Carson City, Nevada, probably was taken about 1898, judging from the link-pin style reach on the pilot. The link is the light-colored bar on the front of the locomotive, stretching down the wooden framework or pilot on the front of the locomotive. It has yet to be changed to a Tower automatic knuckle coupler, which the V&T installed in March-April 1902. Paramount Pictures owned No. 18 Dayton and No. 22 Inyo when they toured Union Pacific on its golden spike expo train beginning March 4, 1969. The were loaned to the National Park Service in 1970 for exhibition at the Golden Spike National Historic Site (Promontory, Utah) in the guise of UP 119 and CP 60 Jupiter (respectively),where 119 and Jupiter faced each other in 1869 for the golden spike ceremony symbolically marked the realization of the the dream of a transcontinental railroad. While still at Promontory in 1973 they were listed on the National Register of Historic Places. They were purchased by the State of Nevada the following year, nearly a decade before the state had a railroad museum. Both locomotives were delivered to Nevada in 1978 when the National Park Service received their purpose-built replicas of Jupiter and 119. Dayton was cosmetically restored in 1982 and is presently exhibited at the Comstock History Center, Virginia City, Nevada.
Source Nevada State Railroad Museum, Carson City
Coverage Spatial, Lakeview, Nevada; Temporal, c. 1898
Rights Nevada State Railroad Museum
Date Created c1898
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Lakeview, Nevada
Equipment, Locomotive V&T 18, Dayton; 4-4-0; built 1873 Central Pacific, Sacramento; sold to Paramount Pictures in 1938.
Collection Nevada State Railroad Museum Collection
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