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Chicago-Milwaukee Electroliner (editor's title)

Electroliner on display at Illinois Railway Museum
James Eppenstein, a Chicago architect, designed the North Shore Line's Electroliners--the exteriors in gray with brilliant red orange stripes below the windows and jade green for the body of the cars. The streamlined effect befitted a main line steam railroad. Two identical trainsets were introduced in 1941. The train in the photograph is on display at the Illinois Railway Museum, Union, Illinois.
The North Shore LIne was one of the principal and most long-lived interurbans in the country, operating from about 1910 until 1963. It operated between Chicago and Milwaukee, every hour on the hour. The Electroliners ran five times a day, with ten intermediate stops. It left on Chicago's loop on the El, and reached its terminal in Milwaukee after three miles of street running. A tavern-lounge car served light food including Electroburgers.
A modern double-ended, articulated streamliner, with electro-pneumatic brakes, allowing fast, smooth starting and stopping.
Eppenstein, created both exteriors and interiors to appeal to women, who constituted a substantial portion of passengers. The interiors featured different floor designs in each car, and the lounge or tavern car had amusing murals such as a pink elephant walking a tight rope. Eppenstein said the Electroliner was designed "to give the impression of high speed even when the train is at rest."
Source Henry A. Koshollek
Coverage Spatial, Union, Illinois; Temporal, 2007
Rights Henry A. Koshollek, Madison, Wisconsin
Date Created 2007
Resource Type
Depicted Railroad
Location Union, Illinois
Image Type Interurban portrait
Train Type Fast electric interurban
Equipment, Locomotive Electroliner: Nos. 801-802, 1941
Builder, locomotive St. Louis Car Company
Creator Description Henry A. Koshollek has been a photojournalist for the "Capital Times" in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1977. He received a master's degree in art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1991.
Collection Henry A. Koshollek Collection
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