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Pipes and Elbows for Interlocking Tower (editor's title)

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Pipes and elbows for interlocking tower
A dozen sets of pipes and elbows, with some ties at the right, with light reflecting brightly off the elbows, a system that by then was vanishing and about to be replaces by remotely controlled electronic systems. The pipes are connected to an interlocking machine in the Tiffin, Ohio, tower, which is not visible. The Baltimore & Ohio operated the tower at a junction with the Pennsylvania Railroad's Toledo-Mansfield line. This is an art photograph showing creative use of light that makes an otherwise drab still life into a dramatic image whose perspective emphasizes the receding archs of the elbows.
Source Peaker Services Inc. 1990 calendar; Railroad Heritage No. 12, 2004 p. 5
Coverage spatial: Tiffin, Ohio; temporal, published in 1993 calendar
Rights Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Date Created c1990
Resource Type
Extent 8 by 10 in.
Depicted Railroad
Location Tiffin,Ohio
Image Type Close-up of mechanical system.
Creator Description Samuel L. Breck (1928-2009), who moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1965, produced fourteen calendars from 1985 to 1998 for Peaker Services, Inc., remanufacurers of and maintainers of EMD diesel engines and locomotives. Breck was an independent contractor of Peaker, Brighton, Michigan. A railroad public relations association rejected his photos for a calendar because they were "art," not illustration. He learned photography in the Marine Corps, worked for Grand Trunk Western, and illustrated two small books. He died at North Oaks, Minnesota.
Collection Samuel Breck Collection
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