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Empire Builder Crosses the Mississippi River (editor's title)

Empire Builder crossing the Mississippi River
Great Northern's Empire Builder crossing the famous Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This 1929 version of the train was led by 4-8-2 P2-class steam locomotive #2517, which bore the name "Marathon" on its tender. The locomotive was named following a remarkable 3600-mile roundtrip between Seattle and St. Paul in which it required no mechanical attention en route. The Stone Arch Bridge was built in 1883 and is 2176 feet long by 28 feet wide and consists of 23 arches, and bears distinction as the only stone arch bridge ever built over the Mississippi, as well as the only structure that former GN president James J. Hill allowed to bear his name. The bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Although it no longer carries trains, the bridge was rehabilitated in 1980 and now serves walkers and bikers while providing an excellent view of St. Anthony Falls. See record 1258 for another view.
Coverage Spatial, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Temporal, 1929
Date Created 1929
Resource Type
Extent not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Equipment, Locomotive P2 4-8-2 2517
Builder, locomotive Baldwin
Creator Description Riehle Studio, Saint Paul, worked in Minnesota in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
Collection Arthur Dubin
Train Name Empire Builder
Where Published *Some Classic Trains,* by Arthur Dubin, pp304-5. Kalmbach, 1964
Image ID Dubin.I.39.16
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