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Five Steam Locomotives Lift a Passenger Train Over the Wasatch Mountains (editor's title)

Five D&RG steam locomotives on a passenger train in Utah
No less than five Denver and Rio Grande steam locomotives were used to lift this 11-car passenger train, the eastbound San Francisco and Chicago Limited, over Soldier Summit in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. The train was stopped for the photograph, as evidenced by the vertical steam exhaust from the check valves and the posing crew members. The stationary locomotives were still fired heavily to simulate the smoke of hard work, and the wind helped convey a sense of motion. The date was April 6, 1911, and the Rio Grande was trying to win the U.S. Mail contract with this train. This dramatic photograph was printed full-bleed across pages 8 and 9 of Arthur Dubin's *More Classic Trains,* published by Kalmbach in 1974. The location was a popular spot in the early 1900s, see also record 973.
Source Lake Forest College
Coverage Spatial, Soldier Summit, Utah; Temporal, 1911
Rights Lake Forest College
Date Created 1911-04-06
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Soldier Summit, Utah
Creator Description James W. Shipler founded Shipler Commercial Photographers when he moved to Salt Lake City in 1890. His son, Harry, joined the firm a few years later. The Shiplers worked sometimes together and sometimes independently. In addition to their studio work. they did commercial photography for business and industry. The studio closed in 1989.
Collection Arthur Dubin Collection
Train Name #6, San Francisco and Chicago Limited
Where Published *More Classic Trains,* by Arthur Dubin, pp8-9. Kalmbach, 1974
Image ID Dubin.I.43.1
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