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Giants of the Rails in Daily Race

Race at Englewood, Illinois
A famous portrait of two equally famous Chicago-New York passenger trains, taken in the fall of 1928, pulling away from the Englewood Station, a south suburban stop in Chicago. The Pennsylvania's Broadway Limited is on the left; the New York Central's 20th Century Limited is on the right. The tracks are parallel at Englewood, though they diverge after a few miles. The Pennsylvania Railroad distributed this print in connection with the competition for passengers and high-speed mail between Chicago and New York. Minutes counted in the daily race that took about 20 hours for both trains. Each made appeals based on luxury and speed. The New York Central took a northerly route through Cleveland and the Pennsylvania traveled via Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The two railroads merged in 1967. The title comes from a caption in an unnamed newspaper, and the picture was distributed by P. & A. Photos, Inc., a newspicture agency of the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune. The photo appears in Arthur Dubin's Some Classic Trains (1964 ), p. 86-87, and in 2008, it was selected as one the "100 Greatest Railroad Photos" ever published in Trains magazine.
Alternate Title Broadway Limited and 20th Century Limited Starting from Chicago for New York (editor's title)
Source Lake Forest College
Coverage Spatial, Chicago, Illinois; Temporal, fall 1928
Rights Lake Forest College
Date Created 1928
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Englewood neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois
Image Type Locomotive race
Train Type Passenger trains
Equipment, Locomotive Locomotive: Pennylvania (left) 5354
Collection Arthur Dubin Collection
Image ID Dubin.I.1b.42
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