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View Resource Sister and Brother Clean Locomotive 4501 (editor's title)

Children of Frances and Graham Claytor, Jr., traveled on the 1966 inaugural steam excursion of 4501, organized by their father. They kept busy cleaning and polishing the locomotive in the proud Southern tradition of immaculate appearance. Murray, the daughter (left), now is a medical doctor in the Washington, D.C. area. Graham III held many railroad positions.

View Resource Trains Editor David P. Morgan, Deep in Thought in 1966 (editor's title)


View Resource W. Graham Claytor III Cleans 4501 Number Plate (editor's title)

Before locomotive 4501 departed from Chattanooga, Graham Claytor III cleaned its number plate. Graham III, among other positions, worked for Southern Pacific, Rail America senior vice president-rail from 1996 to 2002, and as a transportation consultant for the Ports of Oakland and San Francisco and in Peru, Chile, and Australia. He moved to Claytor Lake in Virginia in May 2011.

View Resource Walter Dove at Locomotive 4501 Throttle (editor' title)

Walter Dove, the general road foreman of engines for Southern Railway, rests his hands on the throttle of locomotive 4501. All was peaceful, until the spring saddle over the third driver broke, and the spring scattered between the rails. Dove’s explanation, “She liked to undress herself." Dove (1904-97) worked for the Southern Railway for 52 years, lived to be 93 years old. His wife, Adri...

View Resource An Apprehensive Meeting at Asheville (editor's title)

Looking back, this quiet meeting on the platform at Asheville, North Carolina, may well be the most significant happening of the inaugural trip in 1966 of locomotive 4501. The participants : D. W. Brosnan, who had proudly dieselized the Southern Railway in 1953; W. Graham Claytor, Jr., who proudly brought steam back to the Southern; and Walter Dove, general road foreman of engines and...

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