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Jack Delano Railroad Images

View Resource "Hump" Control Tower at a Railroad Yard (editor's title)
C&NW hump towerman

Towerman R. W. Mayberry (1901-54) of Elmhurst, Illinois, operates a set of retarders and switches in the hump tower at the Chicago & North Western Railway's Proviso Yard near Chicago in May 1943. The railroad uses the hump yard to sort freight cars, via gravity, by their destinations. At the top of the hump, workers uncouple the cars, which then roll down the hump toward the many tracks which...

View Resource Santa Fe R.R. train stopping for coal and water
AT&SF steam freight in New Mexico

Santa Fe Railway steam freight train stopping for coal and water at Laguna, New Mexico in March 1943. Steam locomotives required frequent servicing, so when necessary the railroads constructed facilities, and sometimes even entire towns, in rural areas.

View Resource Indiana Harbor Belt RR, switch engine
Indiana Harbor Belt steam switcher at sunset

Silhouette of an Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad steam switching locomotive in a freight yard near the Calumet Park stockyards, in Calumet City (near Chicago), Illinois in January 1943. The thick haze is typical for the industrial area, especially in winter. Note the freight cars beyond the locomotive, including a stock car used for carrying livestock, distinguished by its open slats.

View Resource Illinois Central R.R., freight cars in South Water Street freight terminal, Chicago, Ill.

Night view of Illinois Central Railroad freight cars in Chicago's South Water Street freight terminal in April 1943. Dominating the scene is an electronic billboard advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The Pabst Brewing Company is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and continues to make Blue Ribbon beer. The clock on the billboard shows that the time is just after 9:00 p.m.

View Resource Locomotives over the ash pit at the roundhouse and coaling station at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad yards, Chicago, Ill.
C&NW locomotives

Steam locomotives over the ash pit at the roundhouse and coaling station at the Chicago & Northwestern Railway's yards in Chicago, December 1942. The coaling station is the large, tower-like building in the middle of frame, built from concrete. The smaller tower at right holds sand, which the locomotives carry for extra traction. Engine #2576, a class J-S 2-8-2 freight locomotive, was built by...

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