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Railroad History in a Nutshell

View Resource 11: Railroads Turn Up Everywhere, Even on Sheet Music (editor's title)
The Midnight Flyer, sheet music cover

A sheet music cover created for a piano composition by Frederick W. Hager, copyrighted 1903 and published by the E. T. Paull Music Co. of New York City, is indicative of the far reach of railroads in popular culture. The piece was specially composed for and dedicated to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of America. The title and title-page were suggested by A. C. Traweek, a member of the...

View Resource 31: Intermodal Trains Change the Bottom Line (editor's title)
BNSF piggyback train along Columbia River

Intermodal traffic, consisting of truck trailers or shipping containers loaded on flatcars, dates back to the beginning of railroading, but started becoming popular and important only in the 1950s. Substantial growth began in the 1980s, and in 2003, intermodal revenue surpassed revenue from transporting coal for the first time ever on U.S. Class I railroads. In this view, a BNSF Railway intermodal...

View Resource 01: Early Photograph of an Early Locomotive, the Tioga (editor's title)
Tioga, one of the earliest photographs of a locomotive


View Resource 09: Traveling Businesses (editor's title)
Photography car on railroad

Smaller communities along rail routes often lacked various ammenities like medical specialists, clergymen, photographers, professional entertainers, and so forth. From the 1860s well into the early 1900s, railroad trains moved special cars outfitted for these purposes. J. A. Ennor's Palace Car, with headquarters in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, served as an example. From the time he purchased it in...

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