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Railroaders' Photographs of Railroads

View Resource Operator Teaches Railroading and Photography, 2 of 2 (editor's title)
UP train taking orders in Tacoma

Second of a two-photo series showing a southward Union Pacific freight train taking orders at UP Junction in Tacoma, Washington in September 1970. In this photo, aspiring railroader Martin Burwash is shown "hooping up" orders to the train's conductor in the caboose. Burlington Northern operator Bud Emmons, who would normally have performed the task, took the photo. In the first photo, Emmons is...

View Resource 2008 Flood Damage in Wisconsin (editor's title)
Damage to tracks in Wisconsin

Heavy, repeated rains in southern Wisconsin in the first half of June 2008 wrought heavy damage on homes, businesses, highways, and, notably, railroads. (Flooding washed out one highway and embankment that impounded a lake, Lake Delton, a tourist favorite; the lake vanished. It was a dozen miles north of this view. Nearby, Mid-Continent Railway Historical Society closed for the summer because of...

View Resource The Mississippi River Flood of 1951 (editor's title)
Section Crew in a Flood

Photographs of disasters dot albums and newspaper "morgues" the world over, but the 1951 spring floods along the Upper Mississippi and its tributaries were worthy of attention, resulting in the highest water since 1880. Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, the locale for this image, lies on relatively low land and it floods relatively frequently, the lake in the view usually being high ground. The...

View Resource Amtrak Conductor Between New Haven and Boston (editor's title)
Amtrak conductor Lesley Lynch

"Working for a railroad and taking pictures of co-workers was always a plus. Not too many people get paid to watch trains--and get to take pictures, too, but I was frequently in the right place at the right time. Moving the trains always came first, though, and the hobby always came second when I was on the job. The jobs were Attleboro Tower in Massachusetts, South Bay Tower in Boston, New Haven...

View Resource Western Maryland Diesel and Crew in a Now-Vanished Yard (editor's title)
Western Maryland diesel locomotive crew

A Western Maryland crew poses with diesel locomotive no. 132,outside the back shop at Port Covington, Maryland, on the middle branch of the Patapasco River. The railroaders are N. R. Young, fireman (the photographer); P. R. Arnold, engineer; J. F. Nealon, yard foreman; I. N. Propst, yard helper; and F. J. Heaton, yard helper. Young placed his camera on a tripod and used a self-timer. While the...

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