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View Resource Leaving Houston on the Sunbeam (editor's title)
Leaving Houston on the Sunbeam

A group of women poses under the train shed on the back platform of the Sunbeam that traveled between Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. Members of the crew, including an African American, stand on the ground. The car, no. 386, is a lounge-observation car. A station building is in the background. The Sunbeam began operation in September 1925.

View Resource Boarding the Los Angeles Limited (editor's title)
Woman boarding observation car

Union Pacific Railroad publicity photo showing a well-dressed female passenger boarding the Los Angeles Limited in Chicago, circa 1905, assisted by an African American porter. The train began operations on December 15th of that year, running via the Chicago & North Western, Union Pacific, and San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroads. Many long distance passenger trains were marketed to...

View Resource The Pioneer Limited About 1900 (editor's title)
Before the addition of brass rail on observation platform

Family group posing for a travel portrait somewhere along the route of the Milwaukee Road's Pioneer Limited. The car had no rear observation platform or "brass rail," forcing the family to pose in the vestibule. The picture was taken at night, using a flash apparatus, suggesting that the passengers engaged a photographer especially to take this picture. The Pioneer Limited ran from 1898 to 1970...

View Resource Passengers Waiving from the Observation Platform of the Olympian (editor's title)
Passengers on Olympian's observation platform

Promotional photo showing well-dressed passengers waiving from the observation platform of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad's Olympian passenger train, circa 1938. The train ran between Chicago and Seattle/Tacoma. Note the roof-mounted searchlight above the platform.

View Resource Passengers on Observation Platform for of Canadian National's Confederation (editor's title)
Passengers on observation platform

Publicity photo showing well-dressed men and women on the open platform of the observation car of the Canadian National Railways' Confederation passenger train in 1927. The train was a new service started in that year, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. It replaced the National as trains three and four on the timetable. The National ran between Toronto and Winnipeg,...

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