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View Resource Broadway Limited Celebrating 50 years (editor's title)
50th anniversary of Broadway Limited

Pennsylvania Railroad's New York-Chicago Broadway Limited breaking through a paper banner as it departed Chicago on its eastward journey in 1952, in celebration of its 50th anniversary. Leading the train was brand-new E8A diesel-electric locomotive #5790.

View Resource Western Pacific's 40th Anniversary Celebration (editor's title)
WP's 40th birthday party

Publicity photo showing the celebration of the Western Pacific Railroad's 40th anniversary at Keddie, California in November 1949. Three trains converged on the Spanish Creek Trestle: on the lower left is the Jupiter, a replica of the Central Pacific locomotive from the Golden Spike celebration at Promontory Summit, Utah; on the upper left is the California Zephyr streamliner, which had just begun...

View Resource Elegant Sign for the Elegant Broadway Limited (editor's title)
Broadway Limited sign

From the 1920s through the 1960s, luxury travel services, including trains, generated "art photography" for pictorial magazines, advertising and publicity, and occasionally newspapers. As in this picture which was taken of a new sign Union Station at Chicago, composition was carefully posed and lighted. The picture suggests real-life, real-time activity such as that engaged in here by Elias...

View Resource Inside the Orange Blossom Special's Club Car (editor's title)
Interior of 1925 club car

Builder's photo showing the interior of the club car Eagle Bay, used on the Orange Blossom Special passenger train. Leather arm chairs line both sides of the club/smoking section. (Baggage storage comprised one end of the car.) Club cars were common on many passenger trains of the 1920s that catered to upper-class travelers. Primarily the domain of men, club cars served as a place for smoking,...

View Resource Dining Car on the Cuban Special (editor's title)
Inside the Cuban Special's dining car

Builder's view showing the interior of the dining car on the Cuban Special. The Cuban Special was a luxurious site-seeing train that made leisurely one-week trips through Cuba during the first four months of 1925. The Pullman Company operated the train in conjunction with the United Railways of Havana and the Cuba Railroad. The all-Pullman train departed Havana on Mondays following the arrival...

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