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View Resource Dixie Limited Preparing to Depart Chicago (editor's title)
Dixie Limited observation car

Passengers gathered on observation platform of Dixie Limited passenger train preparing to depart Chicago's Dearborn Station for Miami in 1925. The green flags on the roof denote that at least one extra "section" of the train was following this one. Extra sections were essentially duplicates of the same train, operated whenever business exceeded the capacity of one train. During the 1920s, popular...

View Resource Replica of the Best Friend of Charleston (editor's title)
Best Friend of Charleston

This publicity photograph features Southern Railway’s replica of the pioneer locomotive "Best Friend of Charleston" at Charleston, South Carolina, about 1928. It was built for the centennial of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, which made the first run of the "Best Friend" on Christmas Day, 1830. Significantly, this inaugural run initiated scheduled railroad passenger service in th...

View Resource Dining Car and Staff on the Denver & Rio Grande (editor's title)
Dining car and staff

Interior promotional photo showing the lavishly-adorned dining car on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad with white white-jacketed, African-American staff posing along the walls. Railroads often employed African-Americans in service positions aboard passenger trains. Many trains served local specialty dishes, and the D&RG advertised "mountain trout every day in the dining car." Successor Denver &...

View Resource Telegram Service on the Oriental Limited (editor's title)
Female passenger and African-American porter on the Oriental Limited

Publicity photo showing a female passenger on the Great Northern Railway's Oriental Limited giving a telegram to an African-American porter in 1929. The photo advertises the business amenities of the railroad's flagship train: the porter will send the telegram at the next station. African-Americans were often employed as service staff on passenger trains. The Oriental Limited's name refers to GN's...

View Resource Hostess Service on the Rebel (editor's title)
Interior of Rebel's observation car

Publicity photo showing passengers relaxing and enjoying train hostess service provided by Janice Elrod (standing in rear) in the round-end observation car "Ole Man River" on the Rebel passenger train of the Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad. The GM&N was one of the first railroads to introduce train hostess service. The Rebel was a lightweight, diesel streamliner that first ran between New Orleans...

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