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View Resource Inside the Hiawatha's Skytop Lounge (editor's title)
Interior, Skytop Lounge

Interior, publicity photo of a Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad "Skytop" lounge car. The Milwaukee's streamlined Hiawatha passenger trains featured a variety of distinctive observation cars. The fourth and final design was the Skytop Lounge, styled by industrial designer Brooks Stevens and produced by the Milwaukee Shops in 1948. The cars' round ends were 90% glass and included 24...

View Resource Streamlined Frisco Coach at Pullman (editor's title)
Frisco coach #1254

Builder's photo showing Frisco coach #1254, the "Ferguson," in 1947. The car was part of the Frisco's 1945 order to Pullman-Standard for lightweight, streamlined equipment for the Texas Special and Meteor passenger trains. The trains were operated jointly with the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. The coach accommodated 56 passengers in reclining, "Sleepy Hollow" seats. Passenger service on the...

View Resource Hairdressing on the Olympian (editor's title)
Barbershop on train

Publicity photo by Lawson Studios, Chicago, for the Milwaukee Road, promoting high-end services on the Olympian between Chicago and Seattle-Tacoma. An African-American hairdresser is shampooing and rinsing the hair of a white woman who is likely a model hired for the occasion. This picture reflects the tradition of using African Americans as service employees for passengers of all colors. Only the...

View Resource Women Cleaning the Golden State Limited (editor's title)
Women cleaning observation car

Railroad photo showing women cleaning and polishing the interior of the observation car on the Golden State Limited passenger train during its layover in Chicago in 1930. The luxury train operated between Chicago and southern California over the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads from 1902 to 1968. The photograph was made to promote the train's cleanliness, but it also...

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