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View Resource Passengers on the Open Platform of the Panoramic (editor's title)
Observation car passengers on the Panoramic

Well-dressed patrons posing on the rear platform of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad's "Royal Gorge" observation car. When the D&RGW rebuilt the car in 1926 for service on the Denver-Ogden Panoramic train, they enlarged the platform to accommodate 12 passengers. Open platform observation cars were exclusively the domain of the wealthy, who paid extra fares for the added comforts. Luxurious...

View Resource Passengers Aboard the Yellowstone Comet (editor's title)
Yellowstone Comet observation car

Affluent passengers posing on the observation platform of the Northern Pacific Railway's Yellowstone Comet. During the tourist seasons in the 1920s, the second section of the westbound North Coast Limited, and the eastbound Alaskan passenger trains were renamed the Yellowstone Comet, providing direct Pullman service to Yellowstone National Park from Chicago and Seattle. In 1883, the Northern...

View Resource Listening to Radio Election Results on the Broadway Limited (editor's title)
Listening to election results on Broadway Limited

Male passengers listening to a radio broadcast of the 1932 presidential election result in the club car of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited passenger train. The date was November 8, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had just been elected to his first term in office. Railroads began installing radios on their premier passenger trains in the 1920s. This photo appears on p. 84 of "More...

View Resource Red Carpet Service for 20th Century Limited Passengers (editor's title)
20th Century Limited observation car

Promotional photo showing young, attractive, well-dressed female passengers posing on the observation platform of the New York Central's 20th Century Limited in Grand Central Terminal in 1929. The train had just arrived from Chicago, and an African-American porter was collecting the women's baggage while the train's white conductor observed. It was common practice for railroads to employ...

View Resource American Soldier in Train in Japan After World War II (editor's title)
Allied Forces train in Japan

American soldier leaning out of the window of an Allied Forces train in Japan during the United States occupation following World War II, circa 1945. The Japanese characters above the car number are "ma-i-ne-fu" and designate a class of Japanese National Railway passenger cars built by the Pullman Company.

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