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View Resource Porters on the Liberty Limited (editor's title)
Group photo of porters and conductor

The porters and conductor of Pennsylvania Railroad's Liberty Limited pose with the observation car of their train in 1949. The white jackets and black pants were the standard Pullman uniforms of the era. Note the crew's ethnicity: only the conductor (on the right) appears to be white, while most of the porters are African American. It was common railroad practice of the period for most service...

View Resource Kentucky Game and Fish Car (editor's title)
Kentucky Game and Fish Car

American Car & Foundry builder's photo showing a 1925 "Game and Fish Car" used by the Kentucky Game and Fish Commission. Fish cars were used by both state and federal agencies from the late-19th to mid-20th century. In 1874, the U.S. Fish Commission shipped 35,000 shad fry across the country by rail for stocking in California's Sacramento River. The first dedicated "fish car" was purchased in...

View Resource German Passengers in a Mitropa Car (editor's title)
Passengers in Mitropa car

East German passengers crowd the windows of a Mitropa car. Mitropa was a catering company that managed sleeping and dining car services on German railroads during much of the 20th century. Deeply routed in German politics, Mitropa was formed during World War I after Germany stopped using the services of the French-owned International Sleeping Car Company. After the division of Germany following...

View Resource Officials Inaugurating the Empire State Express (editor's title)
Inauguration of the Empire State Express

Publicity photo showing Edward Gowen Budd, founder of the Budd Company, and Herbert Lehman, Governor of New York (and later senator) inaugurating the Empire State Express in Grand Central Terminal on December 7, 1941. Within an hour of when this photo was taken, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

View Resource Boarding the Los Angeles Limited (editor's title)
Woman boarding observation car

Union Pacific Railroad publicity photo showing a well-dressed female passenger boarding the Los Angeles Limited in Chicago, circa 1905, assisted by an African American porter. The train began operations on December 15th of that year, running via the Chicago & North Western, Union Pacific, and San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroads. Many long distance passenger trains were marketed to...

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