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View Resource Bathing Beauty Fashion Show Aboard the Florida Special (editor's title)
Fashion Show on the Florida Special

As airlines competed ever more successfully with railroads in the 1950s and 1960s, railroads countered with special services and attractions that airlines could not duplicate. And railroads made sure to record the photogenic aspects of these attractions, as here, where passengers on the Seaboard Coast Line's Florida Special were treated to a fashion-show model sporting a bathing suit and carrying...

View Resource Three Trains Posed at Richmond's Triple Crossing (editor's title)
Richmond's Triple Crossing

Trains of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, the Seaboard Air Line, and the Southern Railway posed for ten minutes in 1949 at the Triple Crossing in Richmond, Virginia, the only place in the world where three railroads cross on separated grades. It was the third time since the crossing was completed in 1901 that the three railroads staged trains for photography. A color photograph from this session...

View Resource Pullman's First Lightweight Aluminum Car (editor's title)
Pullman's First Lightweight Aluminum Car

A combination observation-buffet-sleeping car, made especially for the Pullman Company's exhibit at the Chicago World Fair of 1933. The car was named for George M. Pullman, the company founder. This record photograph appears to have been made in Pullman, Illinois, since a varied landscape can be glimpsed in the windows' reflections.

View Resource Coffee Shop on Empire Builder's Dome Car
Great Northern Great Dome

A publicity photograph of a two-level dome car for the Great Northern's Empire Builder, which ran between Chicago and Seattle/Portland. The photograph shows the lower level lounge and coffee shop, whose decorations drew from Northwest Native American tribal designs. About ten passengers and an African-American waiter are in the view, taken by Hedrich Blessing, a premier Chicago firm that...

View Resource Northern Pacific's Great Big Baked Potatoes (editor's title)
Northern Pacific's Great Big Potatoes

Northern Pacific chef putting into an oven a shelf of at least 11 extremely large baking potatoes. The great big baked potato was a signature dish of the NP dining car. The chef is wearing a pristine outfit, indicating that this was a posed publicity shot. See record 1210 for a close-up view of an NP potato.

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