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View Resource Private Shower Bath on the California Zephyr (editor's title)
Amilee Thompson in private shower bath on a Vista-Dome.

Professional model Amilee Thompson, who appeared on the Dr. Pepper soft drink calendar in 1948, demonstrating the new private shower baths on the California Zephyr in the late 1940s. This image is an interesting example of railroads taking cues from the era of the "pinup" to market their passenger services. Note Ms. Thompson's "Pullman Company" towel.

View Resource Slumber Coach Room on the Denver Zephyr (editor's title)
Slumber coach

A Burlington Route publicity photo from the exterior promoting the new slumber coach service on the Denver Zephyr. A generic businessman washes his hands in the small, economy-class sleeping car compartment.

View Resource Passengers Posing with Native American Girl (editor's title)
Posing at Grand Canyon

Railroad publicity photo showing passengers and conductor of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway's Grand Canyon passenger train posing on the observation platform Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico. At upper left, a young Native American girl looks on from in front of her dwelling. While promoting the comfort and adventure of rail passenger travel, the photograph makes an intriguing juxtaposition of...

View Resource Models Aboard the Comet (editor's title)
Three couples posed

A publicity or advertising photo probably taken in Chicago, either to promote the Yellowstone Park destination for young couples or to advertise the latest in women's clothing and men's suits. The photographer's vantage is much more elevated than that employed for most rear platform pictures.

View Resource Radio in Observation Car of the North Coast Limited (editor's title)
Radio in observation car

Promotional photo showing female passengers young and old relaxing and listening to the radio in the observation car of the Northern Pacific Railway's North Coast Limited passenger train, which ran between Chicago and Seattle. Radios began appearing on luxury passenger trains in the 1920s.

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