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Railroads in the Landscape

View Resource Last Train to Yesterday
Train on Rio Grande Southern trestle

Three freight cars, a caboose, and two business cars are on the Rio Grande Southern wood trestle below Lizard Head Pass in Colorado. The train is being pulled by Denver & Rio Grande Western steam locomotive 452. The engineer is hanging out of the cab. A high hill with scrub growth is in the background. Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg traveled the entire Rio Grande Southern in two D&RGW business...

View Resource Sante Fe train at Morley, Colorado (editor's title)
Three track main line

A mainline train on the Santa Fe in Raton Pass on the Colorado side of the Colorado-New Mexico border. The cone-shaped pile in the background is the slack pile from making coke, derived from coal. The freight is climbing a mountain grade. The three-track main is flanked by a mountain on the right, poles and wires on the left. Because of their interest in the Super Chief, Beebe and Clegg...

View Resource The Bloomer Cut in California, An 1860s Engineering Marvel (editor's title)
Bloomer Cut, California

Half of stereograph no. 12 by Alfred A. Hart entitled "Bloomer Cut, 63 feet high looking West." The location is above Newcastle, California, and an unidentified locomotive is at the rear of the cut, illustrating the dramatic perspective (in depth when seen stereographically) of the engineering marvel. The cut is 33 miles from Front Street in Sacramento. Photographs of engineering feats were...

View Resource Sacramento Valley Railroad Terminal
Sacramento Valley Railroad Terminal

At the lower left, a passenger car and a baggage car of the Sacramento Valley Railroad stand on the Sacramento River levee about 1863. On August 17, 1855, the Sacramento Valley Railroad made a trial run from Sacramento to Folsom, becoming the first passenger railroad in the West. On February 22, 1856, the first train operated over the entire 22.9-mile line from Sacramento to Folsom. Construction...

View Resource Valley and Bridge at Dale Creek (editor's title)
Dale Creek, Wyoming

A large wooden trestle crossing Dale Creek, a dry gulch in this photograph, west of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Two temporary worker habitations appear in the foreground. The one on the left, a clapboard structure, is of a style associated with temporary mining and railroad buildings. The creek bed is littered with pieces of equipment and construction debris, suggesting that Russell asked workers to leave...

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