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View Resource Tehachapi Railroad Workers and Surveyors
Workers and Surveyors

Fifteen men arranged in a loose row next to the Tehachapi construction site, with the mountainside at the left. A surveyor with a transit and another with a pole stand next to a supervisor wearing "good" clothes and eyeglasses. The other men are in ragtag work clothes, and these men wear huge grins probably because of the novelty of being photographed. Completion of this route on September 8,...

View Resource Western Pacific, Tehachapi Tunnel
Tehachapai Tunnel

A construction photograph of one of the spectacular stretches of railroad construction in the United States--the first line between San Francisco and Los Angeles--finished in 1876. Nine men stand dwarfed at the entrance of the tunnel, with four men standing below. The rest of the image is taken up with tunneling debris and the vast mountainside. Even as technology advanced rapidly in the 19th...

View Resource Virginia & Truckee Steam Locomotive, institutional title; more likely, Central Pacific
V&T steam locomotive

Early portrait of the locomotive Pluto, built in 1868, with 59 on the sand dome. The engineer leans out of the cab, the fireman stands on the tender next to the locomotive, and another worker stands on the right. The line is assuredly the Central Pacific. In the 1870s, Central Pacific locomotives sometimes operated on the V&T.

View Resource Oakland Fruitvale Station
Train at Oakland Fruitvale Station

Locomotive no. 2 at the Fruitvale Station in Alameda County, California, near Oakland, about 1890, with three men standing alongside. A single coach appears behind the locomotive. Very little else apart from foliage shows in the photograph. While the museum supplied the title and date, it did not name the railroad. It may be the Southern Pacific, but the low engine number raises questions.

View Resource Leslie Airhorns atop a Locomotive (editor's title)
Airhorns at Duplainville

Four Leslie S5TR airhorns (the fifth is broken off) atop a Union Pacific locomotive built by General Electric, eastbound at Duplainville, near Waukesha, Wisconsin. The photographer was the engineer for the Milwaukee Road train being pulled by the UP locomotives. Closeups of airhorns are unusual, and made possible only because the train had stopped and the engineer/photographer climbed on top of...

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