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View Resource Southern Steam Locomotive Draws Crowds (editor's title)
Crowd gathers at Salisburg, North Carolina, to see a steam locomotive arrive at night

Even late in the evening, crowds turned out to see excursion locomotive 4501, shown here at Salisbury, North Carolina. Southern's successor, Norfolk Southern, continued the program until 1994 and inaugurated its 21st Century Steam program in 2011. Many other people than those in Salisbuy saw the locomotive on this inaugural trip. They included Trains Editor Jim Wrinn (on his fatherís shoulders a...

View Resource Locomotive 4501 Inaugurates 1966 Southern Steam Program (editor's title)
Seam locomotive 4501 begins excursion service at Chatannooga, Tennessee

Locomotive 4501 waits for departure time at Terminal Station in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on a nine-day, 1450 mile trip to to Louisville and Richmond, Virginia, in 1966. The locomotive, built for the Southern in 1911, had been sold to the Kentucky & Tennessee, a Stearns, Kentucky, short line, in 1948 and renumbered 12. When was retired by the K&T in 1963, Paul H. Merriman bought it for the 4501...

View Resource Locomotive Water Stop at Small Town (editor's title)
Steam locomotive 4501 stops for water at a small town in Kentucky

Steam locomotive 4501 ran excursions out of Louisville, Kentucky, for three days in 1966. The trip shown here was to Danville, Kentucky, with a stop for water and entertainment by a rock and roll band at Shelbyville, Kentucky. On the following two days, the trips went to Corydon Junction, Indiana. The public was enthusiastic, and locomotive 4501 and the Southern steam program were off to a good...

View Resource A Meeting of Railroad Minds at Asheville, North Carolina (editor's title)
Southern Railway president and its road foreman of engines meet in front of locomotive 4501

D. W. Brosnan, Southern Railway president, and Walter C. Dove, general road foreman of engines-western lines, talk on the station platform at Asheville, North Carolina, where the excursion train with locomotive 4501 paused to greet Brosnan. Dove operated the locomotive on a nine-day trip. The mutual smiles of Brosnan and Dove demonstrate their pleasure with the journey--unexpectedly for Brosnan...

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