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Railroad History in a Nutshell

View Resource 19: Wartime Engine Wiper, Mrs. Dorothy Lucke (editor's title)

World War II significantly reduced the number of men in the civilian work force, and women around the country stepped into jobs traditionally reserved for men. Mrs. Dorothy Lucke (1909-86) was such a woman, and this color portrait of her has become emblematic of the era. She broke the "grease ceiling" by becoming an engine wiper, as indicated by her stained right hand. She leans against a...

View Resource 06: The Lure of Scenic Travel (editor's title)
Echo Cliffs, Grand [now, Colorado] River Canyon, Colorado

By the 1860s, the railroad's popular allure resulted in myriad stereographs, photographs, paintings, and prints aimed at all strata of American society. William Henry Jackson seized on these possibilities and in the 1880s and early 1890s made a number of views to promote railroad tourism. This image began as a painterly black-and-white photograph of the Denver & Rio Grande tracks curving through...

View Resource 04: Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad (editor's title)
Shovel shovel at Hanging Rock, Echo Canyon, Utah

Between 1828 and 1869, America achieved the goal of spanning the continent with a railroad. To accomplish this, the federal government awarded public lands to private railroad companies so that the railroads in turn could sell the land to finance construction, benefiting both the private and public sectors. Here, about 15 workers for the Union Pacific employ an Otis Excavator and work train with...

View Resource 12: Prize-winning Poster Promotes Day Trips (editor's title)
By the North Shore Line


View Resource 21: Trains Associated with Global Events (editor's title)
Churchill and Truman at Washington, D.C., Union Station

The world over, government leaders took trains to gatherings of historic significance. In 1946, Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, visited the U.S. to receive an honorary degree from Westminister College in Fulton, Missosuri, U.S. President Harry S. Truman's home state. Churchill (left) and Truman wave from the back of a special Baltimore & Ohio train leaving Washington, D.C.,...

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