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Railroaders' Photographs of Railroads

View Resource Leslie Airhorns atop a Locomotive (editor's title)
Airhorns at Duplainville

Four Leslie S5TR airhorns (the fifth is broken off) atop a Union Pacific locomotive built by General Electric, eastbound at Duplainville, near Waukesha, Wisconsin. The photographer was the engineer for the Milwaukee Road train being pulled by the UP locomotives. Closeups of airhorns are unusual, and made possible only because the train had stopped and the engineer/photographer climbed on top of...

View Resource Engineer's View, Looking Back at Train (editor's title)
Engineer's View, Looking Back

Locomotive 2023, eastbound on the Milwaukee Road main line, stopped to pick up the "covered wagon" (F7-type locomotive) on the side track at East Rio, Wisconsin. The headbrakeman stands at the front of the locomotives in the photo. Rail telegraph lines run on the left, as does a main eletrical power line for a major utility. The Milwaukee Road's orange and black colors dominate. This image shows...

View Resource Sunset on the Milwaukee Railroad (editor's title)
Sunset on the Milwaukee Road

A Milwaukee Road freight train sits on a siding at Columbus, Wisconsin, in the left half of the frame. A dazzling yellow sun appears in the hazy sky at the right. The curved track frames a rural landscape on the right. The photographer provides unusual detail for the circumstance of the picture. "We usually put train away here then took our shorts for Columbus and Fall River, then shoved west to...

View Resource Locomotive Reflected on a Rail (editor's title)
Diesel Locomotive Reflected on Rail

A Milwaukee Road freight train waits on the main line to enter the Portage, Wisconsin, yards on a late afternoon, detained by yard congestion. The orange and black locomotive is very near the center of the frame, and its image is reflected in the shiny left rail of the track. The photographer was the locomotive engineer, who "set camera on rail...I was always looking for a way to get different...

View Resource Diesel Repair Shop (editor's title)
Diesel House Milwaukee

Locomotive 97C in the new addition to the Milwaukee Road diesel house at the West Milwaukee Shops in Milwaukee. Two men stand on either side of the locomotive. It seems like a caged lion, whose keepers have just opened the door to let it loose. It is too easy to anthropomorphize locomotives, likening them to huge beasts, but this picture encourages such expressions. This locomotive began life...

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