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View Resource Toward Los Angeles, California
Toward Los Angeles, California

A man with a suitcase and, presumably, a woman with a bedroll over her shoulder walk with their backs to the camera along a dirt road, juxtaposed ironically with a Southern Pacific billboard that features a man in a suit reclining in a luxurious passenger car seat, aboard a train that Lange says was headed to Los Angeles. The billboard text reads, "Next Time Try the Train / Relax." Between the two...

View Resource Grand Patent India-Rubber Air Line Railway to California.
Grand Patent India-Rubber Air Line to California

A hand-colored lithograph made in New York City by Nathaniel Currier. The cartoon image features eight persons and a dog astride a giant rubber band attached to a pole that rises from a domed building. It mocks several trends of the day (Gold Rush fever, new latex technology, railroad aspirations, industrial competitiveness, and Irish xenophobia) and places the image in a fashionable Hudson River...

View Resource Towing Late Train into the Yards (editor's title)
Engineer's view of another train

A yard locomotive tows Milwaukee Road freight train 255 at the east end of the Portage, Wisconsin, yard because 255's crew had used up its service hours--"died on the law." The yard locomotive is in front of the three "covered wagons" (F7 type diesel units on the right). The train on the left is returning from leaving a coal train at Columbia power plant on the M&P (Madison & Portage) branch....

View Resource Children's indoor train ride, Higbee's

"Chesapeake and Ohio Railway's 'Can-Do Special' a full-size replica of a 490 engine cab. Throttle starts activator under seat and moves along C&O right-of-way screen outside window make for perfect illusion of a train ride. Besides the youngsters blow a real train whistle and ring the locamotive's [sic] bell." -- photo verso.

View Resource 21: Trains Associated with Global Events (editor's title)
Churchill and Truman at Washington, D.C., Union Station

The world over, government leaders took trains to gatherings of historic significance. In 1946, Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, visited the U.S. to receive an honorary degree from Westminister College in Fulton, Missosuri, U.S. President Harry S. Truman's home state. Churchill (left) and Truman wave from the back of a special Baltimore & Ohio train leaving Washington, D.C.,...

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