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View Resource The River from Sycamore Street, Milwaukee
River from Sycamore Street, Milwaukee

In 1898, the Chicago & North Western commissioned Jackson to make a series of promotional pictures along its routes, using a special photo car. The resulting images are in remarkably faithful color, published in chromolithograph, an early color process. Both the C&NW and Jackson's Detroit Publishing Co., a specialist in chromolithography, distributed copies. The Photochrome, made from...

View Resource First Special Fast Fruit Train
First Special Fast Fruit Train

A photo of a train and crowd on a specially printed mount that has special typographic decorative devices. The text reads: "First Special Fast Fruiit Train / Shipped June 24, 1886. / Chartered by W. R. Strong & Co. and Edwin T. Earl, Fruit Packers and Shippers, Sacramento, California." Two labeled freight cars appear behind the locomotive and tender. People stand on and next to the equipment, and...

View Resource 12: Prize-winning Poster Promotes Day Trips (editor's title)
By the North Shore Line


View Resource The New 20th Century Limited
poster, the New 20th Century Limited

Significant in subject, setting and style, this work depicts the 20th Century Limited, the nation's foremost passenger train, as streamlined by industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss in 1938. Recognized today as a defining American machine age poster image, it is often compared to the work of renowned European poster artist A. M. Cassandre. Set along the Hudson River, famously promoted as the "Water...

View Resource Playing Cards in Recreation Car (editor's title)
Playing cards in recreation car

Railroad promotional photo depicting passengers playing bridge in a recreation car on the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Railroads offered an endless variety of entertainment and amenities on their passenger trains as they competed for wealthy travelers. Note the mix of male and female passengers, all well-dressed and white, and mostly middle aged. This photo appears on p. 82 of More...

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