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Railroads in the Landscape

View Resource Converging Tracks Near Ann Arbor, Michigan (editor's title)
Converging Tracks Near Ann Arbor, Michigan

Classic perspective view of a shiny pair of railroad tracks disappearing into the distance, flanked by a woods on the left and utility lines on the right. Contrails cross the sky at the upper left. The view is fore-lit though the sky is overcast. While the location is uncertain, it was liked taken near Ann Arbor, Michigan, when the line still had two tracks. Breck took such shots as this at Ann...

View Resource Hopper cars in Silhouette
Hopper cars in Silhouette

Profile of opposing ends of two coupled hopper cars silhouetted against a gray sky. Hand brake wheel appears on the left car. An art photograph using hopper cars as architecture. The cars are structurally silhouetted so as to make an inverted "V" with a gap between the two cars as if they were buildings silhouetted against the sky. On inspection the mechanics of the cars are revealed.

View Resource 06: The Lure of Scenic Travel (editor's title)
Echo Cliffs, Grand [now, Colorado] River Canyon, Colorado

By the 1860s, the railroad's popular allure resulted in myriad stereographs, photographs, paintings, and prints aimed at all strata of American society. William Henry Jackson seized on these possibilities and in the 1880s and early 1890s made a number of views to promote railroad tourism. This image began as a painterly black-and-white photograph of the Denver & Rio Grande tracks curving through...

View Resource Colorado & Southeastern Locomotive and Smoke Plume (editor's title)
Colorado & South Eastern train

A short line train apparently moving slowly through a western landscape. The massive smoke plume suggests that the photographer requested the fireman "turn on the smoke." (If the fuel is burning well, there should not be a lot of smoke.) Rustic rail telegraph poles appear on the right. Fences, cattle, and another set of poles appear on the left. The fireman stands atop the tender. The small...

View Resource Tall Trees and the Virginia & Truckee (edtior's title)
Tall trees and the Virginia & Truckee

The morning down train from Reno on the Carson City-Minden branch, Virginia & Truckee, passing an abandoned section house at Douglas, Nevada, and dwarfed by giant trees about five times as tall as the locomotive. A utility pole is on the right. The train consists of a locomotive and two cars, and a large plume of black smoke emanates horizontally from the stack.

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