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Abandoned Turntable and Roundhouse at Maybrook, New York, circa 1979 (editor's title)

Maybrook turntable and roundhouse
Abandoned turntable and roundhouse at Maybrook, New York, circa 1979. The small structure in the foreground is the operating cabin for the turntable, while the large structure in the background at far right is a concrete coaling tower, once used to fuel steam locomotives. Maybrook was a large junction that included the Erie, Delaware & Hudson, and New Haven railroads. The yard closed due to the 1974 Poughkeepsie Bridge fire, which severed an important line and forced traffic onto alternative routes.
Source John Fasulo, Maybrook, New York; Temporal, circa 1979
Coverage Spatial, Lakeview, New York; Temporal, 2005
Rights John Fasulo
Date Created c1979
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Location Maybrook, New York
Creator Description John Fasulo, a news cameraman for twenty-five years, lives in Beacon, New York. His grandfather, "Pop," introduced him to photography and railroads, inspiring a lifelong passion for both. "Pop" was a machinist for the New York Central at its shops in Harmon, New York. As a boy, Fasulo photographed him in the "head end" (locomotive cab). Fasulo's recent exhibitions include Cunnan Hackett Cultural Center, spring 2010; the Gallery, Steamtown, Scranton, Pennsylvania, April 2010; The Rivers and Estuaries Center, Beacon, New York; the DB Museum in Nuremburg, Germany, 2012; and in print at Cereis Press, Spring Issue 2010 vol.1 issue 3.
Collection John Fasulo Collection
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