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The Bluebird, an Internal Combustion Passenger Train of 1929 (editor's title)

Gas-electric Bluebird
Builder's photo of the Bluebird passenger train in 1929. Five years before the Zephyr debuted on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, a little railroad in the upper Midwest launched daily, internal combustion passenger service between Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota. On January 13, 1929, the Chicago Great Western introduced the Bluebird, a train of three lightweight McKeen rail cars powered by a 300 h.p. gasoline engine from Electro-Motive. The CGW's innovative passenger services were hit hard by the Great Depression, and the Bluebird was discontinued in 1931. The railroad never experienced a wartime passenger boom, and severe passenger service cuts began in the late 1940s. All passenger trains were gone by 1965. Even so, the CGW's unique Bluebird served as a forerunner to the streamliner era that began sweeping through many other railroads in the second half of the 1930s and continued long after World War II. *More Classic Trains,* by Arthur Dubin, p340. Kalmbach, 1974
Source Lake Forest College Library Special Collections
Coverage Temporal, 1929
Rights Lake Forest College
Date Created 1929
Resource Type
Extent Not available
Depicted Railroad
Equipment, Locomotive 300-h.p. gasoline electric #1000
Equipment: Cars Railway Post Office-baggage, coach, dining-sleeper-lounge
Builder, locomotive Electro Motive Division
Builder, Cars McKeen Car Company, rebuilt at CGW's Oelwein Shop
Collection Arthur Dubin
Train Name Bluebird
Image ID Dubin.II.15.16
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