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Panoramic photos of railroads in the American landscape by Stuart Klipper.


You have found an Internet archive that will help you discover the world of North American railroads either for the first time...or, if you are a railfan, you have found an Internet archive that will help you learn more about the human side of railroading besides offering more than a thousand images that emphasize the beauty and fascinating details of the industry that changed the nation...and the world...by making the Industrial Revolution’s abundance available across the entire world’s continents.

Railroadheritage.org dedicates itself to the railroad community by preserving and presenting images of railroading’s past and present. It also offers you the opportunity to interact by using the Forum Page, for which you will need a login ID.

The Center for Railroad Photography & Art of Madison, Wisconsin, brings you this site with support from the North American Railway Foundation. The Center, a nonprofit, preserves and presents top-quality railroad photos and art through this site, publication of the journal Railroad Heritage®, conferences, and exhibitions.

To browse the online collection, use the "Quick Search" window to upper right or click on Search Page. You do not need a login ID to search or browse the photographs. New entries appear on the site’s RSS Feed.


If you want a quick-and-easy way to learn about railroads in the U.S. and Canada, take a look at "North American Railroad History in a Nutshell." Nutshell’s 30-some pictures address history, technology, railroad work and workers, and railroads’ influence on popular culture. You may also use the browse feature to find additional images to your liking.

A print version of Nutshell, with expanded texts and fifty-some images, is available as Railroad Heritage No. 21. If you become a member of the Center ($50 a year), you will receive a free copy of this beautiful, remarkably informative, lavishly illustrated, 48-page book. Individual copies are available for $19.95 each. See the sales page at railphoto-art.org.

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