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View Resource "Dad" Springer Leaning Out Window at Ophir Loop

George Springer, Fred's father, leans out the window of Rio Grande Southern's Gallloping Goose no. 4 on the lower curved trestle of the Ophir Loop. The high trestle is in the background. David P. Morgan, Trains editor, suggested that the RGS could have been A Railroad National Monument. He wrote in the July 1952 issue: In a state famous for its parks, no aggressive effort was made to halt...

View Resource A Meeting of Railroad Minds at Asheville, North Carolina (editor's title)
Southern Railway president and its road foreman of engines meet in front of locomotive 4501

D. W. Brosnan, Southern Railway president, and Walter C. Dove, general road foreman of engines-western lines, talk on the station platform at Asheville, North Carolina, where the excursion train with locomotive 4501 paused to greet Brosnan. Dove operated the locomotive on a nine-day trip. The mutual smiles of Brosnan and Dove demonstrate their pleasure with the journey--unexpectedly for Brosnan...

View Resource A Silver Goose Surrounded by High Mountains (editor's title)

Galloping Goose no. 4, posing on a high timber trestle near Vance Junction, Colorado, appears as a tiny silver speck surrounding by high mountains. The Rio Grande Southern tracks passed through remote, rugged Colorado areas. RGS "was 172 miles of the most spectacular mountain railroading ever attempted in America," Mallory H. Farrell wrote. It has 142 bridges and trestles.

View Resource An Apprehensive Meeting at Asheville (editor's title)

Looking back, this quiet meeting on the platform at Asheville, North Carolina, may well be the most significant happening of the inaugural trip in 1966 of locomotive 4501. The participants : D. W. Brosnan, who had proudly dieselized the Southern Railway in 1953; W. Graham Claytor, Jr., who proudly brought steam back to the Southern; and Walter Dove, general road foreman of engines and engineer...

View Resource Coal for the Rat Hole
K&T #12

Kentucky & Tennessee 2-8-2 steam locomotive No. 12 moves coal to the Southern Railway at Stearns, Kentucky in 1957. The locomotive had a notable history of delivering "Coal to the Rat Hole" (as Ted Rose titled this photograph), the mainline of the Southern named for its many narrow, smoke-filled tunnels. K&T no. 12 was built as Southern no. 4501 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1911. The K&T...

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