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View Resource 18: Crowded World War II Trains
Soldiers and passengers on train

Train travel in the United States and Canada increased dramatically during World War II (1941-45), in part because gas rationing curtailed automobile use and in part because service women and men often had to use surface transportation because of the demands on airplanes for high-priority military use. Coaches, like this one were jammed with civilians and military personnel. Note the outer...

View Resource 27: Post-1971 "Travel by Train" Means Amtrak (editor's title)
Passengers board an Amtrak train at Columbus, Wisconisn

"Travel by Train," a railroad advertising slogan from the 1930s, meant travel by Amtrak beginning May 1, 1971, when the government-owned National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak, from "America" and "track") took over almost all intercity rail passenger service in the U.S. Amtrak retained only 182 trains out of 364 that had operated previously. Participating railroads no longer were obliged...

View Resource Broadway Limited Stopping in Englewood, Illinois (editor's title)
Broadway Limited in Englewood, Illinois

Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited preparing to depart Englewood, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, in 1929. The locomotive is #5471, one of Pennsy's famed K4-class 4-6-2 Pacifics. The Pennsy's mainline ran parallel to rival New York Central's for a few miles beyond Englewood, where the Broadway often raced the Central's 20th Century Limited, see record 1090. This photo appears on p....

View Resource Panoramic Special Preparing to Depart Denver (editor's title)
Panoramic Special in Denver

The Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad's Panoramic Special was preparing to depart Denver, Colorado for Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah in this June 3, 1924 photo. Several well-dressed ladies and gentlemen take in the scene from the porch of the observation car. Luxury limited trains such as the Panoramic were the preferred means of travel for the upper class for the first half of the 20th...

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