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View Resource 16: Students Taking the Train to College (editor's title)
Students aided by a conductor board Louisville & Nashville train 3 at Calera, Alabama, in 1942

Travelers and business people constituted two of the groups that regularly used passenger trains. Others were immigrants, who often took only one train ride in their lives, and college students, who took several trips annually to and from their campuses. Gas rationing during World War II meant that students (who otherwise might have driven their own cars or have been driven by their parents) took...

View Resource 21: Trains Associated with Global Events (editor's title)
Churchill and Truman at Washington, D.C., Union Station

The world over, government leaders took trains to gatherings of historic significance. In 1946, Britain's wartime prime minister, Winston Churchill, visited the U.S. to receive an honorary degree from Westminister College in Fulton, Missosuri, U.S. President Harry S. Truman's home state. Churchill (left) and Truman wave from the back of a special Baltimore & Ohio train leaving Washington, D.C.,...

View Resource American Soldier in Train in Japan After World War II (editor's title)
Allied Forces train in Japan

American soldier leaning out of the window of an Allied Forces train in Japan during the United States occupation following World War II, circa 1945. The Japanese characters above the car number are "ma-i-ne-fu" and designate a class of Japanese National Railway passenger cars built by the Pullman Company.

View Resource Boarding the Los Angeles Limited (editor's title)
Woman boarding observation car

Union Pacific Railroad publicity photo showing a well-dressed female passenger boarding the Los Angeles Limited in Chicago, circa 1905, assisted by an African American porter. The train began operations on December 15th of that year, running via the Chicago & North Western, Union Pacific, and San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroads. Many long distance passenger trains were marketed to...

View Resource Car for Traveling Performance of Uncle Tom's Cabin (editor's title)
Theatrical company baggage car

Builder's photo of a baggage car used by the Al W. Martin traveling theatrical production of Uncle Tom's Cabin. The controversial book Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe was the best-selling novel of the 19th century, and was widely adapted to the stage due to the lax copyright laws of the era. Known as "Tom Shows," the stage productions were widely popular throughout the country from...

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