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View Resource 12: Prize-winning Poster Promotes Day Trips (editor's title)
By the North Shore Line

This image was part of a 1920s poster campaign by the electric interurban railroads and utilities in the Chicago area, likely the best railroad campaign of the 20th century focusing on a single urban area in the U.S. The design by Ervine Metzel displays extraordinary economy of color, text, and motif. Yet the image of a fish and lure unequivocally suggests the potential pleasures awaiting those...

View Resource 22: Streamlining Dominates Postwar Trains (editor's title)
Train with Santa Fe Warbonnet paint scheme crossing Illinois River.

The early streamliners from the 1930s combined the new ideas associated with the Moderne and aeronautics to reform both appearance and mechanics. The public loved streamliners' looks and ride, but management desired more flexibility and larger trains, since by wartime (1941-45) crowds taxed the short, prewar, articulated trains that could not accommodate additional cars. After World War II,...

View Resource 50th Anniversary of the Florida Special (editor's title)
Florida Special 50th Anniversary

Skillfully posed publicity photo at Miami depicting the rear platform of the Florida Special's observation car decorated for the train's Golden Jubilee on January 3, 1937. The deluxe train ran between New York and Miami and proved popular with East Coast travelers going to Florida. During the winter season of 1939-40, the volume of business regularly required the train to run in three...

View Resource Pennsylvania Limited at Rockville Bridge (editor's title)

Publicity photo showing the brand-new Pennsylvania Limited passenger train posing near the Rockville Bridge on the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in 1898. In January of that year, the PRR received four new sets of Pullman Palace Cars in a striking green and creamy yellow paint, supposedly influenced by the presidential train of Mexico's Don Porfirio Diaz. The trains entered service between New York...

View Resource Bathing Beauty Fashion Show Aboard the Florida Special (editor's title)
Fashion Show on the Florida Special

As airlines competed ever more successfully with railroads in the 1950s and 1960s, railroads countered with special services and attractions that airlines could not duplicate. And railroads made sure to record the photogenic aspects of these attractions, as here, where passengers on the Seaboard Coast Line's Florida Special were treated to a fashion-show model sporting a bathing suit and carrying...

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